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Embroidery Kit for Beginners | Vintage Birds | Modern Embroidery with Pattern | Needle Work Pack | DIY craft kit | Christmas gift

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For Beginners and embroidery lovers , this Embroidery Kit is a must have . it includes all the basic tools you need for starting embroidery :

- Needles for embroidery,
- enough color threads for embroidery,
- detailed instruction,
- canvas printed with patterns,
- 8” embroidery hoops,

Each embroidery canvas , in this embroidery kit for beginners ,is a popular pattern made of special ink.

The embroidery hoop measures 8 inch in diameter, the embroidery fabric can fit the hoop appropriately and the size is perfect for the starter. When it’s finished, can be easily packaged or hang on wall.

Just follow the instructions and start your creation! With the adjustable embroidery hoops, you can tighten the embroidery canvas and make you work easier.

Sewing Thimble .1052575156/sewing-thimble-finger-protector.1052575156

️ Scissors .1033565325/vintage-scissor-retro-stainless-steel.1033565325

Embroidery Floss .941662631/embroidery-floss-for-cross-stitch.941662631

️ Floss Organizer .1031374525/embroidery-floss-organizer-cross-stitch.1031374525

Embroidery Needle Threader .976929363/embroidery-needle-threader-embroidery.976929363

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